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A refund will only be granted within the first 24hrs of payment.

A refund will not be honored due to a client failing to provide supporting documents that are needed to start and complete the credit repair process.


Documents such as Valid ID, Proof of Residency, SSC, and other vital identification documents required, regardless of the reason as this is a client responsibility. Your file will be placed on hold until the documents are received. 


To request a refund an email within the allotted 24hr timeframe all clients must send their refund request to




All trade-line purchases are processed immediately and therefore we can not honor a refund based on this factor.


A refund request can not be honored if a trade-line does not provide a client with their "expected" credit score increase as there is no way to control how a trade-line will affect a credit score/profile. Not every trade-line will increase a credit score, but may strengthen up the credit profile to increase approval odds and lower interest rates.


All trade-line reporting delays will be communicated and taken care of. If there is a reporting error, a trade-line of the same value will be added to your credit profile. Value means a combination of trade-line limit and age.



Chase $10,000 limit 7yrs = $800

BOA $15,000 limit 4yrs = $800

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